February 7


29 Amazing Physiological Benefits of Exercise

By Adam Drinkwater

February 7, 2017

organic benefits of exercise, physiological benefits of exercise

Develop a stronger heart by exercising everyday.  Adam Drinkwater

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You go to your gym class, you train in the beating sun, or you even go running in sub-zero temperatures.

You see the benefits on your body but do you know what is actually happening to you on the inside?  Here is comprehensive list of physiological benefits of exercise and what it means for you.

1. Your brain chemistry is enhanced therefore your memory, concentration and mental sharpness is improved.

2. Your sex drive improves keeping that connection with your partner.

3. Your pain resistance increases so you can tolerate pain better and avoid nasty pain killers.

4. Your biological age is prolonged so your body does not wear out at an alarming rate.

5. Helps control addictive behaviour including addiction to coffee, tea and energy drinks so you save money and don’t get side effects like high blood pressure, insomnia and save money at expensive coffee shops.

6. You get a runners high or buzzwhich is an amazing feel good factor when endorphins are released.

7. You can super-focus (like Superman).

8. Strengthens your lungs.

9. Increases the efficiency of your lungs.

10. Increases your working aerobic capacity.

11. Enhances your stamina levels.

12. Wards of illnesses like colds.

13. Your total blood cholesterol levels decrease.

14. Your blood triglyceride levels decrease.

15. Your high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels increase.

16. Cleans your body by taking away toxins from your body.

17. You are less likely to have hormonal issues.

18. Your body becomes more efficient at burning calories.

19. Your red blood cells increase.

20. Your blood volume increases.

21. Your stroke volume increases.

A stronger heart is a physiological benefit of exercise, two hands forming a love heart
Quote: You bring children into the world. You love them with heart and soul. Alice Walker. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

22. Your heart gets stronger.

23. Your heart can pump out more blood.

24. More oxygen is supplied to muscles and organs.

25. Decreases your heart rate at rest.

26. Increases capillarisation.

27. Increases mitochondrial levels.

28. Your aerobic enzyme activity increases.

29. Your muscle endurance increases.

Bonus Benefit: Muscles burn more calories while your resting (can’t beat that).

This is the second part of four on the benefits of physical activity.  If you missed part 1, then read, The Ultimate List of Health Related Benefits of Physical Activity.

Adam Drinkwater

About the author

Adam Drinkwater MPharm (Hons) is a YMCA Certified Professional Gym Instructor, Pharmacist, Scottish Football Association Qualified soccer coach, specialising in goalkeeping. He has a keen interest in evidence based information and is a long-time player in the fitness industry. He holds many nutritionist certificates and has a Masters in Pharmacy.

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