September 24


How Arnold Schwarzenegger Reached His Goals

By Adam Drinkwater

September 24, 2012

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Do you have bad days at the gym when you don’t feel like working out?  I discovered an amazing video about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life story: “How Arnold Schwarzenegger reached his goals?”

His life goals before he started out:

• To be the best body builder of all time.
• To be a star in the movies.
• To go to America.

Inspiring quotes from the video:

• “Don’t be afraid to fail, success will come.”
• “Pay no attention to people who say that it can’t be done.”
• “Leave no stone unturned.”
• “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

My favourite quote from this video, “When you are out there, partying, horsing around, someone is working hard, getting smarter and winning, just remember that.”  A good quote if you have a business or are a director of a company.

Arnold also says in the video “Break the rules, not the law.”

So why not break my rules: do thirty repetitions, do forty; run for an extra ten minutes; run 2 miles an hour faster! Who said that you should just do ten reps?

I am truly inspired by this amazing video and would recommend that if you are having a bad day, not just in the gym, on the field or at work, watch this video.

As the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011 there is no doubt Arnold has accomplished many of the goals he set himself but he has still not stopped and is still starring in the movies today such as The Expendables.

We all need a hero to look up to for inspiration with so many naysayers commenting and remarking in this fast paced modern world.  Break the barriers and you will see vast improvements in all aspects of your life.

View the video for yourself:

Rule Number 1: Trust Yourself

Everybody giving you the “best advice”, your mum, your dad, your uncle, your auntie, even your dog looks at you in a weird way.  Forget them, think for yourself, take a good look and decide who you want to be!

Rule Number 2: Break the Rules

Not the law, the rules, think outside the box. Your not a chihuahua, your a human with a brain.  Don’t be like the rest of the population.  Be the best in what you do.

Rule Number 3: Do Not Be Afraid to Fail

Success will only come if you fail.  I say fail fast, which will reap results faster.

Rule Number 4: Do Not Listen to the Naysayers

If they say no one has done it before, then do it, be the first to do it!  I cannot stand them.

Rule Number 5: Work Your Butt Off

Why count to 15 reps when your muscles are not burning?  Start counting when the lactic acid hits you, that is where the real strength is built.

Rule Number 6: Give Something Back

Come on, you got everything you need to see tomorrow?  This could be anything, do charity work, do community work or visit a sick person.  The feeling you will get will enhance your confidence. People will look up to you for inspiration.

Not bad, eh? The best thing about this is that Arnold’s thinking can applied to anything in life, like improving in sports, getting a job promotion, being a great coach or even being a role model for your children.

Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of what people may think of you?  Leave a comment below.

What are your real fears?  Let me hear them.  We all have fear, nothing to be ashamed of.  It is totally natural.

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Adam Drinkwater

About the author

Adam Drinkwater MPharm (Hons) is a YMCA Certified Professional Gym Instructor, Pharmacist, Scottish Football Association Qualified soccer coach, specialising in goalkeeping. He has a keen interest in evidence based information and is a long-time player in the fitness industry. He holds many nutritionist certificates and has a Masters in Pharmacy.

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