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"To empower all busy people to exercise, not forget their own health, eat well to stay fit, and to have a long, happy and healthy life"

A very warm welcome to AbWorkoutExpert – a website that helps to get you much stronger, more toned, have a leaner tummy and ultimately have you looking awesome.

My name is Adam and I am a community pharmacist, nutritionist, soccer coach and professional gym instructor. All qualified, rest assured. This is how I make my living, from sites like this and

• Aside from being a pharmacist, I give business consultations, making them profitable.
• The amount of movie stubs I have would stun you.
• I have been told that I am fat bloater when I see chocolate.
• My love for spicy kebabs will never allow me to become a vegan.
• To this day, I still have Madonna and Michael Jackson cassettes.
• I have been to sixteen countries and I consider myself a citizen of them all.
• My love for charity is eternal.

Few people have the time to find real information on losing unwanted body fat, getting a flatter stomach and maintaining an ideal body weight. AbWorkoutExpert attempts to reach all sorts of people: teenagers, men, women, mums, athletes, bodybuilders and to make life easier by saving you time and most of all get you enjoying exercising as a normal part of life.

Are you new to exercise? Do not worry. AbWorkoutExpert has some great ab exercises to get you started.

As people are getting more conscious about their health and the resources being limited on scientific proof in normal day to day magazines and in online articles, even if you find the journals, they can be a major headache to read and interpret the data so I thought, would it not be great if there was an online magazine where there is great scientific based information on nutrition and fitness? A one-stop shop, well here you are with the opinion of an actual qualified scientist with a sense of humour.

The Ab Workout Expert will actually find the latest scientific proof, saving you money and time so you can do the things you enjoy in life. I will also provide plans, tips and workout routines specific for your personal needs. After all, we are all unique. What ever your goals: to lose weight; increase strength; enhance endurance; get faster; be a better player; have a six pack; or just a flatter stomach, I will do my best to help you meet your life targets.

Why AbWorkoutExpert?

This site is dedicated to helping enthusiastic people on inspiring you to taking the best care of yourself, saving you time, hours of time.

Meta-analysis study, conventional study, double-blind studies or cohort study? “Eh?” You will ask yourself, never mind, here at AbWorkoutExpert, we take out the grit, simplify the studies and bring you the very best information with a healthy dose of humour in easy to read English.

“Want to get fit, get stronger, be happier, lose unwanted body fat, and best of all save hours and days of time? AbWorkoutExpert gives you the solutions to succeed.”

AbWorkoutExpert brings you the scientific proof on what to eat and what NOT to eat, which exercises are the best and save you time. Dispelling the myths on the journey to longevity.

Do not worry; we also focus on other parts of the body. We want overall results, not just a six pack with fat arms and legs!

AbWorkoutExpert is also about:
• Great information in plain and simple English. Not everyone understands scientific jargon and even if you did study science at college, you will have forgotten what a cohort study is!
• Increasing your fitness levels in a systematic manner.
• Eliminating body fat, without following a fad diet plan.
• Maintaining an ideal body weight, for the rest of your life.
• Intensifying your strength, so you can either impress or just pick up more!
• Saving you time. the commodity that you just cannot get back. Spend more time with your children, partner and friends and spend less time on research.

If you would like more information on AbWorkoutExpert please get in touch through my contact page.
I have over nine years experience in soccer coaching and as a professional gym instructor with my day job as a healthcare worker, I have the right mix of experience and knowledge to help you.

My personal mission is to improve the quality of health and lives of at least 10 million people around the world by 2025. OKAY, maybe not 10 million but at least 100,000 people! Through my programs, on-going support and advice I can give you the inspiration and the hope you need to live to your healthiest and best lives ever.

If you are motivated to change yourself and want to learn from my successes (and failures!), check out my free workout and diet tips and join many monthly readers!

If you have any questions at all, then feel free to get in touch.

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