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The Ultimate List of Health Related Benefits of Physical Activity

By Adam Drinkwater

December 22, 2016

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Physical Activity is just as important as eating your breakfast, Adam Drinkwater

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Quote: A year from now you may wish you had started today. Karen Lamb. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.
Quote: A year from now you may wish you had started today. Karen Lamb. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Do you want to know the health related benefits of physical activity?

You thought by just going to the gym, you would be losing weight, or slogging it to get into your football team or even to impress someone special in your life.

You get tired, bored and demoralised of the same old routine. Maybe you have been ill, looking after your new born and you are finding it difficult to get back into shape?

Do not despair.  When you read through the list below, you will never stop exercising.

1. Prevents dementia in the elderly.  Tell your grand parents and parents about this, do not let them suffer.

2. Improves cognitive (mental processing of information) function in the elderly.

3. Reduces symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

4. You have increased body energy levels.

5. Your endurance levels are boosted.

6. You sleep better.

7. Improves your muscle strength.

8. Boosts your immune system.

9. Reduces your likelihood of developing some degenerative bone diseases like osteoporosis.

10. Decreases ageing.

A babies hand on an adult hand. Slowing of ageing is one of the health benefits of physical activity
Quote: Ageing is that something both men and women that are utterly terrified of. Cate Blanchett. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

11. Lowers risk of getting type one and two diabetes.

12. You can prevent yourself from getting a stroke.

13. You are less likely to develop high blood pressure.

14. Lowers your chance of developing breast cancer.

15. Reduces your chances of developing endometrial cancer.

16. Lowers your chances of getting bowel cancer.

17. If you are diabetic, you can manage it better.

18. You can manage back pain, maybe even come off pain killers.

19. You can reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

20. Lowers high blood pressure.

A decrease in blood pressure is another health benefit of physical activity. The sphygmomanometer shown is commonly used by physicians to measure blood pressure.
Quote: As you age, your blood pressure tends to get higher. Michael Gregor. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

22. You tend to eat more nutritious food.

23. Your joints will function more efficiently.

24. Boosts your memory.

25. You maintain a healthy weight.

26. You lose unwanted body fat.

27. You are less likely to consume alcohol.

28. Your risks of coronary heart disease decrease.

29. Your less likely to prematurely die from heart disease.

30. Helps you stop smoking.

31. Helps you come off addictive drugs.

32. Your skin tone looks better.

Ladies eyes with great skin tone is one of the health related benefits of physical activity
Quote: Wear your heart on your skin in this life. Sylvia Plath. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

33. Your hair texture improves.

34. Your ability to recover from muscle soreness after exercising improves.

35. Your range of movement increases.

36. Your sports performances are vastly improved.

37. Your posture gets better.

38. Prevents you from getting chronic back problems.

39. Increases your agility levels.

40. Increases your speed.

41. Improves your balance.

42. Improves your coordination.

43. Your bones get stronger and they are maintained.

Strong bones is a health related benefit of physical activity. Three skeletons, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.
Quote: I believe life is precious; I believe that to the marrow of my bones. Richard Mourdock. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS IMAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

44. Your appetite improves.

45. You’re less likely to suffer from muscle loss.

46. Gives you more power (maybe even powers, like your favourite superhero).

47. Your reaction time is faster.

48. You manage chronic conditions more efficiently.

49. You live longer.

50. You are a brilliant role model for your kid (s).

51. Your chances of getting injured are reduced.

52. Your body stays fit.

53. You stay able.

54. Your ability to recover from illness improves.

There you have it, no more hesitation.  Get out and about.  Do a little and build up.

Why not share this list of health related benefits of physical activity with friends and family?  You might just save a life.  Please share on social media.

This is part one of a four part series on the health benefits of physical activity.  Read part 2 here, 29 Amazing Physiological Benefits of Exercise.

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Adam Drinkwater

About the author

Adam Drinkwater MPharm (Hons) is a YMCA Certified Professional Gym Instructor, Pharmacist, Scottish Football Association Qualified soccer coach, specialising in goalkeeping. He has a keen interest in evidence based information and is a long-time player in the fitness industry. He holds many nutritionist certificates and has a Masters in Pharmacy.

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